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Tolle Family Stories

Stories and images of the Tolle family, who first came to the area in the 1930s and built their "Little Cabin." This is just the first.


Through the trees
  you catch a glint of blue.
Behind those forests
  there's something new,
Something unexplored as yet,
Waiting a real accomplishment.
From the surrounding forest
  there bounds a deer;
And out of the water
  a pike leaps clear.
An old bear with her cubs
  shambles off.
And from the forest
  you hear a deer cough.
A loon calls from an island
  near at hand;
An answering cry comes
  from some distant point of land.
In this tranquil spot,
  forest folk abide –
  “waters side by side.”

         - Lee Tolle (age 11)

Verna Lee and Verna T. Tolle
Verna Lee ("Lee") at left, with her father Verna T. Tolle



Additional stories and photos are being worked on.