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Current resorts, and their histories as we receive information

Resort [mentions on other pages in brackets]
Arrowhead Resort (est. 1935)      [1]
Current Owners: Larry & Betsy Warrington, Dave & Sally McRoberts
Original Name: --
  Original Owner: J.R. Brice 
Birch Grove (est. 1936)
Current Owner: Elaine Goodrum
Original Name: Birch Grove Bay
  Original Owner: C.R. McKay 
Birchwood Resort (est. unknown)
Current Owner: Rick Oveson
Original Name: Whaley's
  Original Owner: Unknown
Deer Horn Resort (est. 1938)
Current Owner: Lonnie & Brenda Brendt
Original Name: Unknown
  Original Owner: Mr. & Mrs. Roy Reten
Driftwood Lodge Resort (est. 1935)
Current Owner: Lonnie & Brenda Brendt
Original Name: Johnson's Resort
  Original Owner: Carl & Bessie Johnson
Other Name(s): Yate's Resort 
Eagle Wing (est. 1955)
Current Owner: Dave & Michelle La Pointe, Steve Bourassa
Original Name: Alden House
  Original Owner: Elizabeth Johnson 
Grand View & Tall Timber (est. unknown)
Current Owner: Ken Pederson
Original Name: Unknown
 Original Owner: Unknown 
Harmony Beach (est. 1933)
Current Owner: Jeff & Sherri Krueger
Original Name: Harmon's Beach
  Original Owner: Fred & Marie Harmon 
Herseth's Tomahawk Resort (est. 1928)
Current Owner: Lee & Lori Herseth
Original Name: Herseth's Vacation Camp      [1]
  Original Owner: Max & Maybelle Herseth
Kec's Cove (est. as resort in 1970)
Current Owner: Larry & Viv Kec 
Original Name: Mrs. Flannery's House
  Original Owner: Al & Gen Kec
Moosehorn Resort (est. 1936)
Current Owner: Jerry & Christie Mitchell
Original Name: Moose Horn Landing
  Original Owner: Fred McKay 
North Star (est. 1936)
Current Owner: Richard & Maureen Seavey
Original Name: Unknown
  Original Owner: John L. Coleman
Northern Lights (est. unknown)
Current Owner: Steve & Tracy Lindstrom
Original Name: Pike Bend Resort      [1]
  Original Owner: Allan & Eleanor Cline      [1]
Park Point (est. 1926)
Current Owner: Jason & Robyn Cooper
Original Name: Bucks Point
  Original Owner: Asmund Abbey
Pine Aire (est. 1928)
Current Owner: Niles & Denise Wilkins
Original Name: Fors' Resort
  Original Owner: Bill Fors
Pine Aire West (est. 1936)
Current Owner: Niles & Denise Wilkins
Original Name: Four Winds
  Original Owner: Axel Johnson
Pine Tree Cove (est. 1936)
Current Owners: Phil & Ellen Hart, Sam & Joan Bernick
Original Name: Chippewa Lodge
  Original Owner: Mr. & Mrs. Brice 
Red Pine Resort (est. unknown)
Current Owner:
Original Name: Esslinger's Resort      [1]
  Original Owner:
Sandy Point Resort (est. 1968)
Current Owner: Gordon & Jennifer Gelo
Original Name: Gumingo's Lost Acres
  Original Owner: Joseph Gumingo
Snyders Idlewild Resort (est. 1932)
Current Owner: Tim & Cheryl Snyder
Original Name: Big Rock Resort (1932-35)
  Original Owner: Unknown
Other Name(s):
   Lonergan's Resort (1945-55)
   Whipple Idlewild Resort (1955-84)
   Snyders Idlewild Resort (1984-present)
Voyageur Park Lodge (est. 1930)
Current Owner: Jim & Gretchen Jensen,
                        Casey & Anna Deziel
Original Name: Youngstrom's Vacation Camp      [1]
  Original Owner: O.W. Youngstrom
Other Name(s): Totem Pole Resort
Voyageur Sunrise Resort (est. 1916)
Current Owner: John Goraczkowski
Original Name: Watson's Lakeview Resort      [1]
  Original Owner: Tom Watson
Original Name: Cline's Resort
(previously a hot dog stand est. 1923 at Gappa's Landing)
  Original Owner: Morey & Eileen Cline, Denver & Eileen McKenna
Other Name(s): Pokorny's Resort