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State Point Subdivision
Land Lease History

Kabetogama, MN

Dug-up, researched, compiled, typed, and collated for the Kabetogama Historical Society by Dan Kuehn, who completed this project August 15, 2007. Special thanks to John Stegmeir of the Department of Natural Resources in Orr, MN, and to Alan Baumgartner, North Star Electrical Co-op, Littlefork, MN, for the use of their files.

The first survey of State Point was made in 1933 and the first "lease" was granted in May 1935, so it can be assumed that State Point Road was constructed in 1933 or 1934.

State Point Subdivision was created on lands donated to the State of Minnesota by the Federal Government; the land was designated "Trust Fund Lands" held for the benefit of the public. In the case of State Point, the lands were designated "School Trust Lands" and any proceeds from the land were to be deposited into a trust fund account and the interest from this fund is used to support and aid the public schools throughout the State.


The area was divided into 22 parcels, including "the island," each to be used for a "private summer home." The first leases were not actually leases but were in the form of special use permits issued by the Department of Conservation, Division of Forestry. They were issued after those wishing them filed an application to the Commissioner of Forestry and Fire Prevention.

Each application specified a particular lot and gave a description of the proposed building to be built by the applicant. The applicant agreed to begin construction of the building within six months of the permit date with completion within a year. The application was to be "attached to and made a part of the special use permit when granted." Unfortunately, three properties do not have this application in their files.

The first special use permit on State Point was issued in May 1935, followed by three others in that year, and others in the years that followed. It is not possible to determine which cabins were built first, but with the permit requirement for construction within a year, it can be assumed that the cabins were built close to the order in which the permits were granted.

At the time, the special use permits cost $10.00 per year. They were granted for one year but could be renewed each year if the permittee met the permit terms and paid another $10.00 "rent."


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